Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's back.....and I'm pretty sure my family at home semuanya tengah mengikuti rancangan realiti paling hebat di Malaysia...(katenyer)

Well...I dont know why..but I always feel that Akademi Fantasia make more impact that other singing reality competition even the worst season!! Why??

I think this is more of how much money the tv station invested ..and Astro always do an all out extravaganza production to make sure that this program gonna be successful. On the other side, I think none of singing competition makes any impact on me. Seriously, I think I remember all the 14 new students AF than contestant from LG MYSTARZ!! Does that mean I am an avid fan of Akademi Fantasia? Probably.

But the thing is, when compared between production of AF and Media Prima based reality singing competition (Mentor, Gangstarz and recently wrap up LG MyStarz)..Hands down the AF is the winner. The production just know how to capture the audience 's attention(how else can you explain the lovers and haters of the program)!!

Anyway..maybe what the other contest can learn from AF is:-

1) Get a bigger stage

I mean look at Mentor, Gangstarz and Lg MysTARZ, the stage is narrow, sooo sempit and didn't even make impact on audience like us. And what's wrong extending the show to two or three hours? I cannot feel the performance whenever the time limit is cut short just to make the show compact to one hour (this is not America Next Top Model)....just to give show like Heroes, Smallville (English drama laaa) ...Well...I think most people have watch the episode(yes kat tv baru season 2 ..korang dah abis tengok sampai finale season 3 kan???..thanks to internet!!) ..or just give the show to 8TV to be aired ...(motif banyak channel tapi tak boleh buat pembahagian tugas???)

2) Dont cut audience's attention

Sometimes, tv3 singing competition always have to much lagging, basically because they have a Jom Heboh Carnival at the end of the month... and they have to air the concert. So, the singing competition have to postponed to next week. And I lose the interest already. Maybe the should re-arrange the schedule . They can put in the shows on Saturdays..and shift Majalah Tiga and Cerekarama to Sundays ...(opssss...I forgot this is highest rated show on their channel...is it???)

Anyway..I actually want to talk about Akademi Fantasia. Tapi lain pulak yang aku tulis kat sini. Whateverla. Need to watch the concert first before I can decide.

And I really like the new principal. She's just stunning when she first came out to the screen semalam. Rambut, high heels ngan baju kulit...transformasi tak hengat ..malatup gitu!!!!

That's all folks...catch you all later..I've got work(pretending to have work) to do

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rizz said...

tetapss suke af7 hahaha

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