Monday, May 31, 2010


Kosong. How do you feel when you're empty?

Maybe you never. Something is totally wrong with me.

I want to avoid all those people that give me bad memory, or makes me ashame of myself.

Maybe you never feel as much as I feel. You may feel the emptiness, but somehow what I feel is much more than you.

At least, there's some people who still concern about you. But not me. 

No point or whatsoever having two or three handphones, when there are nobody to call or replying messages.
Maybe because I'm so used to the emptiness, when ever I have company it will make someone uncomfortable as me also.

 All of them, left me behind, without looking back.

 Some people never understand the sadness of being emptiness. And why should them?

P/S  I never love weekends or long holidays. It just feel empty.

2 orang telah memberi komen yang sengal!:

Terry ♥ said...

awww Joey..
I know how you feels.. :(
merana sangat2 rasa kekosongan tu..
buat ape2 pon kekosongan tu tetap ada....

hanya si dia yang dpt mengisi kekosongan..tapi si dia pulak cam..erm..dah tak peduli sangat dah..

joey sabar kay.. *hugs

asna ashraff said...

lalala jom lah jalan2...

nanti whenever dah tak busy kita g jalan2.. xmo sedih2 ok :p

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