Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Since just a day after..opss I think I could not say it now, since it was illegal to celebrate it. (For me, it was illegal because the day just fall shortly before the Big Day in our religion... well, unfortunately, for that-day-that-should-not-be-mention terpaksa berdepan dengan dengan hari kebesaran our Prophet. Some people need to be retold constantly that we need to celebrate that Day, not this day. Otherwise, they dont bother)

Ok. I just want to ask. What is a good relationship?

How do you define a good relationship?

I got some hiccups in keeping my relationship. Either with my friend, my best friend or my family. Sometimes, I want something but they cant give, and they give something that I (probably) need.

Sometimes, I think, one of the reason I always prefer to be oneself is I am not comfortable giving myself in any relationship. I always think that people will choose anyone other than me, and I need to be selfish as I dont want to be weak.

The last time I was crying was three years ago. Eventhough I am alone, I will never be sad about it anymore.

P/S How to lose the thought of people not like you?

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Anonymous said...

cinta bukan semudah 123, namun ia tetap indah bila ia milik kitaa

NUke_Rude said...

haha. ko ni low self esteem ke? haha, sebb tu ko ska pikir and ade pemikiran yg org tak ska kat ko?

camtu? haha.

nway, ur Q abt gd relationship is sooo subjective. The answer may varies from one's point of vw.

for me, gd rltnship is: even u hv conflicts with someone, there's still 'communication' from both sides.

Joey said...

rashid..hahaha..love is a very complicated thing

nuke..you were probably right. I just want to have that moment where when I look at the mirror, the reflection say I'm good, not ugly :)

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