Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hahaha..I'm not going back home. Although my home is in far far away land, but I still can connect to the technology. This is like ......heaven and hell rolling into one.

Me and my colleagues (there are thirteen of us....should be 14 actually) have been forced and brutally challenged (opsss terlebih sudah..) to endure in the course to build the semangat kengkunun.

We all know it's going to be happen but for me it's going to be damn!!! Our company is the one of the biggest (ye ker...wakaka) in the country so every big big company have to send their newbies to this places where you can see Pulau Pangkor in front of your eyes. Companies include TNB, Petronas, even our neighbour's aviation company, SIA have been sending their newbies there. So can you guess what's my company??? I'll give you a hint. Most people in company is not at the office for the moment. They're busy handling something in JOHOR. Hahahaha

What would happen in that course?

Plenty. It's like a more medium hard PLKN for us. No handphone allowed. No outside food (Bye-bye kinder bueno..). No television or even radio. And money have been taken also...(Luckily I managed to squeeze in some money in my pocket coz I will come handy in Friday!!...ahahaha)

We doing a lot of things. Flying fox, climbing rocks and trees (and ring a bell)... jungle trekking (almost exhausted) and kayaking (almost mematahkan tangan). But I managed to do all that without single kepatahan tangan sedangkan yang lain ..... ( I almost believe that I got the Mutant X genes...wakaka)

Anyway, it's not the 13 Lost people only. We have to combined with other people, so we have people from the plantation field, kids whose parents are rich enough to sponsor them to go through this course (the fees for the course is 1 month gaji CSA kat Giordano plus the komisen and tanpa ditolak EPF and SOSCO), which I think if I got that amount of money I would invest it in a new slinky, shiny PSP ...OUCH!!! (but maybe they got it already)..and few applicants who wants to work there..(they are not Totally Spies.....dear friend!!)

So 13 plus 13...there's 26 people attending the course. Divided by two tribe ...(amboi amboi amboi...ko hengat ni rancangan survivor kah?) But I can't voted anyone out...heh!

Bersama-sama sepanjang 25 hari creates a lot of drama, funny moments and the OLYMPUS moments (yess...semua orang pakai kamera olympus ....but sadly I dont have my camera...dia still duduk atas shelf kedai..hihihihi)

Ok...I'll leave you with beautiful pictures of the scenery ....and next time I will tell you what I feel for the course.

gambar di ambil oleh photographer amatur

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Mr Final said...

Huhuhu.. beshnyer laa dier

rizz said...

bestnyee huhukkk jeleshh:p

What about Amirul? said...

best la kau gi pulau pangkor...
lama dah aku tak pegi vacation...

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