Tuesday, April 28, 2009



I've been busy (pretend busy actually) for the whole week . Malas gila nak update. Nak gi blog korang2 yang lain pun aku malas...(forgive me)..but dont worry. I just have to catch up with all the hype and fast and furious of the urban life (matilaaaa ....baru 25 hari dalam kehidupan kuno)

Ok, I am not going to waste time. The course taught me something. Kinda love hate. The first lesson that I learned is I have wrong impression of my colleague. Well, they still Apprentice contestant compared to me..(hahahaha), but I never thought that they actually hiding their frustation and Paris Hilton so good..even I so impressed with them!

And through out the course, my perception of them has change. I have seen most (banyaklah kunun) , memerhatikan sikap mereka, and I'm glad that because of the course, my relationship with them is getting better...(even I buka muka buku just because of them :)!!).

And I stick with what I say during the final day of the course. If we have connected to the people, no matter how annoying they are, you just think that it is ok...

How do I potray myself during the course? Let's just say that 90% percent of me are real

I making silly jokes. Everyone doing something helpful while I still blur don't know what to do. I help people just because I think I have a good connection to them (sila lihat perenggan atas). And when I do get angry (getting PMS) ..I am moody and pretend not to layan everyone. The whole (almost) me was there..hahahaha

The 10%? I think I better not show it to others. This 10% is a skeleton in a closet. Not saying that I'm hypocrite..hahaha...but I dont know what to do. Which bringing me to my second post ............


Then I came back to my usual life. How shock I am to see the timeline here eerily matching the my hometown....(do I have enough time ..GOD?)

With the whole new positivity, I learned to accept everyone. I think my relationship with my colleague is much more better than before (tak taula dari sudut pandangan dorang)...and I'm more involved with them.

But some thing just cannot changed. Hahaha. Like how I not doing my work and busy chatting in the cubic. But at least percentage I do work is lebih tinggi sikit berbanding dulu. Sikit jer..dalam 0.1 to 3 % kot...

Speaking of too much, remember I told you of my baaaad addiction? This whole new addiction is taken me to one step higher, where now I put on something just to get that thing. It scares me and I still can't believe that I do that thing.

I want to kurangkan this addiction. I need to. There's a lot more thing to do (and much more fun). Till then..

P/S I have splurged myself with a new handphone. Motif beli handphone baru sedangkan baru beli henfon 4 months ago? Duh..shopaholic la pula. Ini bukan addiction buruk yang aku cakap ek.

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rizz said...

kemaenn mlas g joey ni hehe bababbb diee:p

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