Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Stage!

The thing is, it should be that in this stage of my life now, I should have someone that I could rely on, to be trusted. And it's kinda weird people at the very age is still a lone. Sometimes, when the question pop out, I always try to divert it, either make it funny or change the subject. And certainly doesn't want to be that particular person, where I can guess why they're not with someone. (Yes, radar).

Did I afraid of being committed for a long time? Maybe. I just think that I'm easily bored, and need someone that good enough to play some certain role. I still confuse at these time, the road still have a long way to go.

Perhaps the reason why I am not looking for someone probably because I'm too obsessed with myself. Where to gain money to pay all my debts, how to groom myself, how to this, how to that, bla bla get the drift.

P/S I dont even pass the first stage in Question of Life in Our Society, how do I move on?

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