Saturday, March 10, 2007

I HATE YOU...........

I hate you............
You force me to come here
I know that you doesn't but you gesture did
I was happy before coming here
And I don't think much bout it

You force me to choose
And I have to choose
The path you want me to follow
With pride on my shoulders

And now
You say i'm too much
Asking too much when you can't give more
I know i'm over the limit
But it's not enough for me
I wanted more
But you can't give me more
That's why
I hate you.........

I hate you....
You were the first I met
We're walking together
With smile and laughter on our faces

You met them
They were similar like you
And you drifted away from me
Pushing me away from your top list
Making me the one
Who is the last you want to came
I was lonely
But you don't care
All you care is them

You never know
You just think you're good
But i'm sick of your way
So sick
Even i cannot tell you
Everybody likes you
Telling you that
Makes me a devil
That's why
I hate you

The more I hate you
The more I hate myself.............

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Flavio Alessandra said...

aiyoo... feeeling2 apakah?

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