Thursday, February 21, 2008


Past is past. Whatever you do, you can never turn the time back. Apa yang berlaku semuanya sudah ditakdirkan.

I'm back. Not totally busy, but in the mean time , trying to juggle my life without the most precious thing in my life. Secara jujurnya, sangat susah...and it makes me sad and sometimes I want to burst out into crying.

Sometimes, aku terfikir untuk melakukan sesuatu yang tidak boleh dijangkakan. But, being the complex thinker that I am, semuanya hilang di balik segala macam fikiran yang menembusi ruang minda.

Ada seorang kenalan bertanya...why do I choose the path that I am now?

I actually don't know how to answer the ultimate question. Maybe, that is the way I can pursuit my happyness and satisfaction?

I was thinking.....and thinking

And ..surprisingly I think I was weak.

For the long time, I always want to be like everyone else, but the truth is I don't have any traits to that match the way there are. Sounds complicated?

Well...trying to explain here is hard. Maybe this person can pm me later on.

It's been a week and I missed the person very much now. Oh no...the magic of the four letters words finally hit me

That's all...

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wandai-orientasi-sibuk said...

complex thinker ey?
well, that hit me a home run..
seriously, i cant relate that well to the others..
most of the time i will be thinking, WTF?? or something like that..
anyhow, try to move with the flow..
btw, being mediocrity is not a good idea..
who cares whether you are different or anything..
me for one, enjoy being a weirdo, as my friends put it..

ak_0143 said...

erm... lama tak menulis...
apalah yang ko pikirkan ni joey oii...
cheer up! hidup hanya skali!


lorh.. pesal ko nih.. dah2, selalunye kite akan wat ape yg kite pk dan hasilnye seperti yg kite pk.. some sort like subconcious mind gitu..

kalo ko pk.. ko weak.. ko jd lemah.. ler.. inchik joey.. ooi~.. so.. start to think dat ur strong babeh.. gambatte kudasai~... chaiyok~!

aremierulez said...

kau banyak sgt berfikir...
cuba rileks kan diri sikit...

athena said...

mengambil dari ayat abg neraka, yang diambil dari penyair Tom Wayman:

“Weak things have power.”


truanta said...

is that the way that u choose..then go for it buddy...

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