Sunday, December 07, 2008


I have actually written an entry, published it for couple of days and then I deleted it. I just realized that the entry was plain stupid, kind of foolish and not exactly sengal. As usual, there's a little bit trouble I'm having now, and not always happy or sengal macam selalu- selalu. To think of it (possitively) maybe it is test from Him,... a sign that He loves me , and He want me to go to the right side of life(well....okay..I wouldn't say much).

Okay..firstly, I have initial problem with my housemate. He's just ridiculous. He just don't like anything that I do and he don't tolerate with me at all. What's wrong with him?? It's just that I sometimes forgot to switch off the light in bathroom or the television and always at home when he wants to do the 'dirty work' makes him uncomfortable? I intends to move out as quickly as possible but the other housemate persuade me not to take the action. This crazy housemates is fall short under Bree Hodge standard (although he came across a little bit like her..but Bree most fun to watch..unlike this 'gila' fella). He even attempt to send me out by giving a stern warning , he wants me to move out by the end of the month. Luckily, I still can be patient. I have a high level of patience, which results from me always being under the radar. I might be burst out someday...and I'm afraid if it happens, the results is something that is not good . Well... I might kill him ....yeah....let's see what happen next. In a way, I try to find another crib but I've got some little things to be solve buying a laptop...bla..bla...bla....

Secondly...I just couldn't get it. Why I cannot concentrate on my training? I feel lost and sometimes I can't sit still. This is major problem. I know I did not have interest in whatever the training provides me. I would be okay for five minutes, after that I lose attention to whatever the trainer was doing infront. Sometimes, I would be caught sleeping most of the time, and I never take the task given seriously. And I feel loathed because most of my colleague really into the topics , whereas I'm not. I mean do they really have interest in that thing??? I know I don't try to cover it up that I don't like it (I'm only in for the salary...okay that they didn't know) but why I didn't have guts to try and force myself to at least concentrate and learn little by little? All I do is complaint..complaint and mengumpat (hahahahahaha). And I have to say that I do feels isolated sometimes, not because my colleague didn't pay attention to me, but I feel I don't know what topics they're talking. They would be like reading the bussiness section of the newspaper and discuss which share is going to increase and everything bla..bla..bla (Not always like that but you get the drift). I wonder again, REALLY they were interested????????

Okay, this is something that I don't get also. I know most of you that reading this will be pissed off, but forgive me for saying this. I don't know why..most of colleagues is too 'mewah' for a newbie. What do I mean? Well , most of them already have a car and they have just started working. Maybe you can say I'm jealous...(I think I am..hahahaha), but where and where the struggling graduates who don't have anything ..just like me? Should it be that you work for a few years then you get to buy a car but in this case, they ( my colleague) didn't have to do all the struggling?? Deep down in my heart, this people shouldn't get this job..but give the struggling one a chance to build themselves . I do think that maybe this is the otherside culture, giving a vehicle to your children because they can afford it. Really? So the thought of the otherside being so rich is applicable ... but they also the ones that will be first to complaint when the prices of goods increasing saying they couldn't afford the increase..but look at them (notorious shopping habit, too many cars for the family) Should I say ironic??..... wonderla ( looks like everyone here get 10k++ salary and i want to!!!) . Well, once again forgive me for saying this if this hurt everyone's feeling .

Last but not least....why do I feel sometimes peoples don't like me at all? I think I have to learn from Kibin on how to be likeable..just like him.

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aremierulez said...

kawan kau tu mcm bree la...
ke anak lelaki bree yang gay tu/


kalau aku, aku dah pindah aje..

Anonymous said...
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