Monday, February 09, 2009

BORED... as USUAL usual ...bored with the more holidays's like got bored because you got nothing to do on holidays..and you got bored during working because everyone else just like Japanese workers..working hard and everytime you look like Elle from Legally Blonde..minus the smart brain...

Sometime not easy looking for friends. Friends need something in common. A lot of things that not in common with me. Building a friendship just become a dream, and usually ends up with the not so good way to explain that, but sometimes there's people that know what I am talking about..

So what to do? Well..apart from watching television, and watching with envy on the net how 'happy' everyone here with nice photo with friends hanging out.. (I got none....which makes me thinking that actually I dont need the camera phone..for god's sake.....!!)..I'm pretty much a boring person.

Somebody suggest to me that I need to do sports. I like the idea, but for unathletic person like me, sports need friends to support you. It's getting hard to push yourself doing considering you're not fat. At least fat people have their own drive that push them. I didn't know much about any sports, and I know I will look terrrible and bad!!!

And suddenly surfing the net becomes boring to...duh!!!.. Well...dont know what to do...Ok remember major problems that I said will be solved? Apparently not. I'm too lazy to do all that thing. I got to find another solution.

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aremierulez said...

kau boleh cari satu hobi baru kot...

tak pun, apa kata kau mula bersosial sikit..

mesti bleh pnye..

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