Sunday, May 17, 2009


I don't know why. The concert look sucks to me. It didn't grab me. I'm flipping channel every two seconds. Surprisingly boring. Even Heidi 'you know what she going to say' Klum in Project Runway looks more interesting.

Congratulation to Hafiz. He deserved to win. Well, after strong publicity and promotion by the media (you all know what I mean), it's a shame that the public don't vote for him, but eventually the public does their job (guided by the promotion, of course).

Congratulation to Aril too. He made it to the first runner up. He should be proud because dia dah jaga nama baik kumpulan kumpulan AFMASUK. Remember Linda from AF2, Lotter from AF4?
Semua dapat tempat kedua, which is quite good la.

For every one else in the competition, you try your best. Good luck in another competition (OIAM 4 perhaps? ). And I'm sick of too much recycle contestant. The point is, they just want to get attention. I mean, peserta dari rancangan sekian sekian and then kita akan jumpa mereka - mereka yang sama lagi pergi uji bakat untuk rancangan realiti yang lain. 15 minutes of fame is not enough for you ek? (Tapi OIAM dikecualikan la..sebab syarat penyertaan dorang dari dulu lagi ada peserta recycle).

Duh, I become Omarosa pula. Sigh.

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