Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let It Go!

I have problems. But I'm not sad. Something that I think it is a bad behaviour., and I should put a series about it. Got a lot of bad behaviour, and no, it doesn't make me a bad boy, but I guess I'm just wimpy.

I always said to people that you have to let it go, everything that not works should not bother you anymore, and times will heal. Like, when someone broke with their partner, always said just let it go and time will ease the pain. Ironically, I bit my own tongue. I myself have a very hard time to let someone go in my life.

I dont know why. I always feel if I'm acting on a series, I want my part to be as one of the main character. I dont want to be in a series where my part is just an icing on the cake. You take the icing, it is still cake rite? (I'm blabbering again..hahaha)

Sometime I know, when people start ignoring you, you have to let it go. I hate it when people ignoring me, because I have a hard time to let it go. The thing is, I hold a grudge. It's not that these grudge can be release any time soon, but whatever I feel I just keep it inside, it's getting bigger and I need to let some go, otherwise I'll blow up. The more grudge I keep, more hate grows deeper in heart.

In another perspective, some people don't know that they give hope to other people. And then they go away. Hope, when you don't know, is the best lie in the world. That's why sometimes I gave up on hope, it makes me sad, more grudge when hope actually cannot fulfil what I want.

I've been trying to let all these things go. Without grudge. Or hate. When a person is ignoring me, I just take that as a cue that the person don't need me anymore. I should not place someone easily in my heart. Or, put them in my heart's chart. And as I always said, time will help. I wouldn't bother anyone again. :)

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asna ashraff said...

"Hope, when you don't know, is the best lie in the world."

this is the answer that im looking for all these while

thanks a lot dear!

Joey said...

for the moment it is true

I'm kinda lost hope..

Terry Nur Iman said...

thats what im doing.. i guess..
try to ignore that person.. only contact with him if he wants to,
i only act like a friend .. nothing more.. and i dont express my feelings anymore..
i just keep everything in..
bit my tongue and strive to the pain.

the truth is, i just dont know what to do. the right thing to do seems to be wrong, and the wrong thing to do is even more wrong..
so.. yeah..

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