Monday, August 23, 2010

My Lonely Ramadhan!

Sometimes, do I write too artistic? My blog now is not so everyday life as by other. No more fancy, stupid or even pose syok sendiri photo or even complaint about how mundane people are.

I just write whatever comes to mind, with main idea from my heart. Basically, it was what I thought and feel for the moment. Sometimes I really have a basic idea, but somehow when I write, then comes this thought, flowery language, metaphore and anything in between.

Back to reality, it almost two weeks in Ramadhan. I just hope it goes on quickly, as I do not fancy Ramadhan. Now before everyone in the world slams me because I dont like Ramadhan for now, I have my reason. I believe Ramadhan is a truly exquisite, holy and the leader of all month. Heaven's gate are wide open, and more rewards are given to those who obey Him.

I just feel that it makes me more lonelier, than any other months. To be honest, I never done any tarawih until these moment, and I just dont have heart to do the tarawih, not when I feel like this. I only fasting just because I have to. (Yea, slams me, b ***h me, whatever you like, am wiling to take).

Please Ramadhan. Go away faster. Till next time.

2 orang telah memberi komen yang sengal!:

Ciko Kibi said...

remember of the days so long ago while we are in campus... even though we wez cat fighting wit each ther... its still a best memry

asna ashraff said...

hurm... my ramadhan was dem busy...

tgal 4 hari je lagi. hihi

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