Sunday, September 19, 2010

After Two Years!

After two years, did I still think about it?  
(Not!!! But I do sometimes open the page...nothing just browse along )

After two years, did I feel I've changed to something good? 
(I'm fat! Becareful what you wish for next time! God always listen you know!)

After two years, did I feel I have enough success just for me to pride along to someone?
(I dont think so. That is why I hate reunion for the moment. Hahahaha. "Success" in my perspective is different from others :P )

After two years, did I get many friends? 
(Hahahaha..not so many.I just realized that I'm not that friendly or even handsome enough to get many friends)

After two years, did I achieve what I want to achieve?
(Ermm, some of it, but still have a long way to go..)

After two years, did I still angry with that person? 
(Not anymore.. but I dont know( should be don't want ..kan??) if I meet the person again :p)

After two years, I want to change!

2 orang telah memberi komen yang sengal!:

ashraff said...

kalau handsome senang dpt kawan ke?

Joey said...

hahahaha..what i mean is they stick longer than usual :)

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