Monday, October 18, 2010

The Long Road Ahead!

How do you get your confidence up? I mean how do you maintain it. Was it hard? I simply cannot grab it.

You see, in my perspective I always believe that perfection is the key of confidence. Not exactly perfect human as most people would think of. I dont know why, I do feel that everyone living a easy, breezy life (save for the one who are in the Bersamamu type, but I wouldn't compare me to them, that is definitely a different case).

Sometime, I dont think I'm a good planner. But, most of my plan doesn't work anyway. I dont have any specific goal in my life. Is this why I get no confidence?

Sometime, I just want to talk what I feel and think to someone. I dont say that I am lonely, but getting a good lending ear and notable advice is soothing.

Sometimes, you wonder why when you pray, He seems not listening. But, the moments you dont need that, You get it. Ironic, eh?

But the life has to go on, right? Since the leaf is not falling from the tree yet, I guess I got to deal with it.

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sYukCurz said...

life is complicated. believed me.

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