Thursday, December 23, 2010


Since it will be days until new year, there's a lot of things, I need to do particularly for next year. Here's some of it here :

1) Fix my financial.

I was having trouble on doing my financial. The worst time when after the raya, where I couldn't afford to pay my credit card and others. But, Thanks to God, I get some help. And fast forward, I'm doing okay now. Not necessarily good, but still I can afford to buy some lavish food (as my 2nd boss say..= D) And also thanks to God and the Company, my end year Bonus so enourmous, I can pay everything hahahaha. But need to restructure back my financial.

I need more money!! Hahaha

2) Getting fit

I am going to exercise more. I need to lose from 34/35/36 inches to almost 29/30 inches. I actually have terminated my contract with one of the gym in the city. Reason being, I'm too lazy to go to the gym, which is situated at the most jammed placed in kl, either with car, or with lrt/monorail where jam packed people always have to menyempitkan kawasan. Maybe I will register with the gym near my office and hire a personal trainer, because I know, I'm not the one who can push myself as far as I can, knowing that I can be lying in front of tv eating pizza. But no over the top push sangat punya trainer. Just a good one. And I should do something with my waist.

It would be nice to have a body like this. Sebab pemalas jer, sekarang sudah jadi Winnie The Pooh. Macam kat bawah......huhuhu

3) Socially good

I'm trying not to be jealous to anyone. What I mean is I don't want to compare how so unlucky of me than to everyone in the world. Which is why, I am going to reduce whenever my batch is going to have outing together. There are bunch of good people, but when I'm with them, I could not stop thinking how lucky their life, how colourful their life, compare with my mundane everyday life. And I will get jealous and since I can't talk to anyone, it will degrade my mood for several days. The confidence is low, which make my life worst. They are not guilty, it is just me that having attitude problem. And I couldn't stand if I dont get a character from a group of friend. Opps, this quite complicated to explain, but somehow I malas nak explain,which maybe you already know, so I just left it as it is.

I'm ignoring you for the good cause, b***h!

4) Upgrade

I have to get my licence, this new year I hope I can get my first ever car in the whole universe!! But remember I did mention that I want a small car for easy driving, but now, there's couple of cars that I like. I know what brands and models that I like. Hell yeah, I will become one of the worst driver in KL.

I'm loving this one, but purple is also nice. Ironically, I didn't know about this one, until budak kecik mention it on FB comment. I'm so going to get one!!

That's all I can think of for the time being. Having a happy thoughts sometimes do clear your mind.


Joey. XOXO .

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FAIZUL said...

good luck joey...
ala sal license tu senang je la..kacang jer tuh. as long as confident.

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